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Sgt. Pepper: It Was 20 Years Ago Today (1987)

         Sgt. Pepper: It was 20 Years Ago Today, is a British produced program, aired on PBS November 11, 1987.  This film examines the masterwork album by The Beatles, “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band”, with its creation, themes and impact explored in turn.  The program recalls the record album and attributes it to the beginning of a mini-renaissance in music and attitude.  It attempts to explain what the late 1960's counterculture was all about.   Rare film clips, concert footage, and recent interviews, are used to heighten the program.  Guests:  Peter Coyete, Peter Fonda, Allen Ginsberg, George Harrison, Dr. Timothy Leary, Paul McCartney, George Martin.  Producer:   Rod Caird, Simon Albury, John Sheppard.  Writer:  Collin Bell.  Director:  John Sheppard.


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