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  The Beatles had a limited but largely successful film career beginning with A Hard Day's Night (1964), a loosely scripted comic farce, sometimes compared to the Marx Brothers in style. It focused on their hectic touring lifestyle and was directed in a black-and-white documentary style by an up-and-coming Richard Lester, who was already known for directing the television version of the Goon Show.

In 1965 came Help!, a Technicolor extravaganza shot in exotic locations with the style of a James Bond spoof..

Magical Mystery Tour, a McCartney idea adapted from Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters LSD-oriented bus tour of the UK, was critically slammed when it aired on British television in 1967, but it is now considered a cult classic.

The animated Yellow Submarine followed in 1968, but had little input from the Beatles themselves, except for a live-action epilogue, and the contribution of four new songs. There was one holdover from the Sgt. Pepper sessions, "Only A Northern Song". Nonetheless, it was acclaimed for its boldly innovative graphic style, and clever humor along with the soundtrack. The Beatles are said to have been pleased with the result, and attended its highly publicized London premiere.

Let It Be was an ill-fated documentary of the band in terminal decline, shot over an extended period in 1969. The music from this formed an album of the same name; although recorded before Abbey Road, after contractual disputes along with significant and controversial tinkering by producer Phil Spector, this album was released in 1970.

Besides the five original movies, there are countless documentaries, a cartoon series, interviews, promotional clips, TV shows, and concerts. Few people have ever seen The Beatles play live, so I’ve created this site, for all Beatles fans to experience the “Beatles On Film”.   I hope you enjoy it.


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