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1.  Interview in Dublin 1963  

2.  The Beatles lost Roundup TV Interview 1964.  Read Interesting Info About This Clip

3.  The Beatles  interviewed by Pathe News in February 1964, upon their arrival in London, returning home from their first American      visit.

4.  The Beatles interview after receiving their M.B.E awards in 1965.  (Members of the Most Honorable Order of the British       Empire).  Read an Internet Article AboutThis Clip

5.  A funny interview when The Beatles are asked about the meanings of “Day Tripper, Norwegian Wood,  and Eleanor Rigby”.      1965                                                                                                     

6.  Interview at the Capitol Records Tower, Los Angeles on August 24, 1966.

7.  It's so Far Out It's Straight Down 1967.  

 (This was a short film produced by Granada Television, based in the English midlands, about the then-nascent underground scene in London. It's quite hard to track down in its entirety - although clips regularly turn up on nostalgia shows, and music documentaries. It's well worth seeking out, mainly for its rare glimpse into the British underground, well before it descended into a vast and pointless love-in.)  This clip features only Paul McCartney’s interview.

8.  John Lennon & Paul McCartney interviewed by Larry Kane in May 1968.

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